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Bon Dancing Travel 2000
August 15th "Gujo Dancing" #2
A new sensation for this year
PM 8:30

We got dressed to yukata for dancing in our room, got prepared and got going.
The courtesy bus was already waiting for us at the front of the entrance of the hotel.
As this year is Tetsuya Dancing, we rode into the dancing site to allow enough time for the start of the dance.
Today is the second day of Tetsuya Dancing, and the dancing site would be from Hashimoto-cho to Shin-machi.

This would be the 5th time for us to participate in Gujo Dancing.
Although we worried a bit if "we would be getting a little bit bored this time" since this year we experienced new Bon Dancings like Shirotori and Niino…

The torrent of people that head for the dancing site (around Shin-machi)

The players of musical accompaniment sing enthusiastically on the dancing scaffold.
As may be expected of the fact that this is the fifth time that we participate in this dance, "the body" remembers the swing of the hands and feet. The way we danced "Kawasaki" was somewhat awkward in the past, but this year, our feet moves naturally. Finally, we come to understand the difficult timing of the shout of "Harukoma"

Unexpectedly, we were in good form in the dances; "Gen-gen-bara-bara" and "Yacchiku", and we were in fascination before we were aware.
Apparently, the secret why Gujo Dancing is loved by so many people is because of the point that you get more and more fun as you become more and more accustomed and familiar with the dance.
You can't miss the open-air stall in a festival
Children flock together to goldfish scooping and ice shavings.
Among them, there was an attraction called "eel fishing". (Although we don't see this very much in the Kanto region…)

The staple, goldfish scooping

I saw "eel fishing" for the first time in my life
Tetsuya dancing is a fun "summer festival".
Every one is enjoying the summer night of Gujo Hachiman in their own way.
While we found it hard to tear wrench…
Was it around 11:30PM ?
The Tetsuya dancing was increasingly picking up stream. Yanagita was crazed with dancing losing the sense of time and was out of himself.

He came to himself at last by the call of Ishimitsu saying, "Tomorrow's gonna be another Tetsuya dancing!"
It's a pity, I haven't still danced my favorite "Sambyaku". While I found it hard to tear wrench, I was obliged to leave the dancing circle, and left the dancing site. This was the first time I found it so hard to leave the site after I joined there 4 times before.

When we returned to the hotel, and while we were taking a bath in the big bath, young people who seemed to have joined the dance for the first time this year was excited and gathering stream saying, "Let's go dancing once again from now!" All in all, Tetsuya dancing seems to have a special kind of ambience that attracts the people.
We felt once again that Gujo Dance is amazing in the Tetsuya dancing.

In the next morning, we went to the Ishiyama Kimono Shop and returned the kimono for dancing. In this occasion, Yanagita ordered yukata of his own at last. It takes about a week for the hand stitch all-out yukata to be completed. I have to wait till Bon season in 2001 until I can dance in it
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